Hello again (an update)!


Apologies for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy with my new music blog project, Every UK Number 1. However, the October/November issue of Howdenshire Magazine went on sale this week, and as well as all the usual great features and info, my latest article on the school run is there too! If you’re not a fan of rushing around like a blue-arsed fly to get your kids ready, you might identify with it…

The Howdenshire Magazine website also went live this week too! You can purchase back editions and buy PDFs of new issues as and when, here. My last article, Raising Country Mice, can now also be found on this very site, here. Hope you enjoy. In the meantime, I’ll have a new blog for The FMLY Man online in November, and there’s still plenty going on via my Facebook and Twitter. Cheers!


Tooty the Gender-Bending Rock Star


I’ve always enjoyed the weird and wonderful world of our five-year-old’s artwork (read more here), but this is my favourite of late. Clearly inspired by her daddy’s obsession with David Bowie and seeing acts like Culture Club on repeats of Top of the Pops, she came up with Tooty. Apparently she’s a female rock star, but she has a beard and a moustache, star paint on her face like Ziggy Stardust’s iconic lightning bolt, and of course, no rock star goes without an actual bird’s nest on their hair… “I AM ROCK” she cries, and she certainly is.


Howdenshire Magazine Issue 3

The August/September edition is out now. The biggest and best so far, amongst all the pages of great features you’ll find my latest article, which weighs up the pros and cons of bringing up children in ‘the sticks’. Hope you enjoy!IMG_0784.jpg

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